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GI is a commonly used abbreviation for gastrointestinal, referring collectively to the stomach and the small and large intestine. At Synthesis GI we have a team of highly skilled Consultants who have specialist expertise in the diagnosis and management of a range of GI conditions.

Many conditions can be treated or managed simply with minimally invasive treatments, minor surgery or ongoing screening and management and we can offer all elements of this service. Our team runs Gastroenterology clinics on most days at the Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow, where we are available to consult with you and offer an effective diagnosis and treatment for the full range of problems


  • Upper Gastrointestinal Problem Treatment

    For many patients with upper GI problems the first signs of this are symptoms of "indigestion" such as heartburn, acid reflux or dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). In many cases the underlyingcause of these symptoms are minor issues that may be associated to lifestyle, but it is important to see a doctor and get an accurate diagnosis.

  • Lower GI - Rectal Bleeding Treatment

    Many people experience digestive issues that result in a change of bowel habit. These can be regarded as normal and are often caused by diet, lifestyle or a change in routine. If symptoms of this sort persist or if you experience any rectal bleeding these may be signs of a more serious problem which may need treatment.

  • Stomach or Abdominal Pain Treatment

    There are many possible causes for pain or discomfort in the stomach including indigestion or muscle pain. In many cases these problems relate to lifestyle or dietary issues which can easily be addressed but if you have long term or frequent stomach problems it may be symptoms of an underlying problem which may need investigation.

  • Gastrointestinal (GI) Investigations

    In order to diagnose your condition our consultants can carry out a range of tests, including diagnostic imaging or minimally invasive endoscopic procedures in one of the most modern gastroenterology clinic facilities in Scotland.


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